Oil & Gas Industrial Support Services Provider

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We Work To A Higher Standard

Facility Management Services

Providing comprehensive janitorial and supplemental related services

Landscaping & Gardening Services

We offer unique landscaping and garden maintenance services

Sand Removal & Waste Disposal

Provide a comprehensive range of Disposal & Recycling services

Industrial Construction

Deals with factories, power plants, warehouses, and other highly specialized facilities.

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We Work To A Higher Standard

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We hand-pick our staff carefully

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We’ve the right tools

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+25 years of experience in janitorial fields

About Our Company

AHEMD SAAD MOHAMMED AL-DOSSARY & PARTNER COMPANY in close co-operation with its clients and vendors can provide total turnkey services from concept to completion along with Industrial /Community /Recreations Facility Management services including Miner Building Maintenance work, Initial site preparation work, Mechanical Piping work, Construction work and utility management.

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